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Happy Coders Manifesto

“Hi! This is Nigel calling for London. I have a fantastic opportunity for you”

Tired of the line above? Heard it one too many times from recruiters that don’t give a rats ass about who you are and what your career goals are?

We don’t call ourselves a recruitment firm, we are an agency for developers. We don’t aim to make some quick money pushing your CV to a company in need of anyone that have even heard of Java (or whatever technology). We build relationships with both companies in need of recruitment, but more important, with great developers that want the best out of their career whether it is a high salary, working for a “hot” company, flexible working locations/hours or something completely different. You, our clients, decide what’s important in your life, and we try our best to match you with a company that realizes your value and are willing to meet your every demand.

So enough of buzzwords and sales material, what’s in it for you? Our process looks like this:

  • A first meeting (remotely works fine) where we get to know each other.
  • You then decide if you want to use our services.
  • If you do, it actually will cost you $5 (49 SEK) each month.
  • We meet again and get to know your needs, your current status etc.
  • Now our process to find what you are looking for starts, you decide if you want us to screen the offers (just show you the ones “exactly” matching your needs) or if you want us to spam you with every job offer we ever get (though, maybe we aren’t your best option if you want to fill up your inbox with offers).
  • Next step is coaching, it could be anything from looking at your CV or application, to doing mock interviews.
  • Hopefully you get the position you were looking for, and as a bonus we pay you. $1000 (10 000 SEK), so as long as you don’t wait 200 months our service has, at worst, been free.
  • We invoice the company that hires you way more money, and feels that they’ve gotten value for their money.
  • But you don’t get rid of us here (like ordinary recruiters), we keep in contact to see that everything is what you expected. We can help you plan your career even when you’re not actively looking for a new job. We can coach you when you need to negotiate for a better salary etc. We also want to get to know you even better, so we can do an even better job, finding the next step in your career.
  • But it is completely up to you, we won’t contact you more than you want us to, you decide completely.

This is the manifesto we live by, we want to make our clients the happiest coders in the world. And we think the way to achieve this is through a long standing relationship.


Are you interested in beoming a client of us? Please fill in this form, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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